On NYC's Coldest Winter Day, Kanye West Rocks an Outerwear Brand You Can Actually Afford

Way too cold!

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The East Coast is in the middle of a cold snap, and people have been busting out every single layer and winter accessory to try and stay toasty in plummeting temperatures. While in NYC this week, even Yeezy was feeling the icy blast Jack Frost brought our way, and he combated the cold with a brand that is known for its stellar outerwear, yet deviates from the widely held belief that Kanye West only wears super aspirational brands that non-gawds can't afford. 


On the coldest day of the winter (so far), Kanye rocked the Jacket No. 68 from Swedish brand Fjallraven. You probably already know the brand for its popular jackets and bags with a brown fox logo. Now you also know that it's what keeps Yeezy from the brutal elements and might just be what he copped when he spit "Shopping for the winter and it's just May" on that "All Day" track that's kept everyone's hopes alive for new Ye music in the very near future.


Now, $600 is by no means throwaway money. But if you're looking for a versatile, military-inspired jacket that can be worn in all four seasons of the year and earn its keep over a lifetime of putting in work, your search might end when you consider this Fjallraven piece. The jacket comes in five different colors (Yeezy went with green), and is made with the brand's proprietary G-1000 fabric, which is wind and water resistant while maintaining breathability and quick-drying properties. The jacket is overloaded with storage space and pockets, including two bellow pockets at the waist, two diagonally-cut, flap chest pockets, and two pockets in the back.



It's widely believed (and a point people harp on) that Kanye only wears gear from the untouchable echelon of high-fashion, and there's obviously a lot of validity to this point. People then make the next logical jump, saying that anyone with Yeezy money can buy expensive clothes and appear fashionable. But Fjallraven is the exact opposite of inaccessible, high-end gear that disappears into the ether after a season runs its course.

The Swedish outdoors brand has been churning out quality outerwear and bags since the '50s, and has established a strong mainstream presence stateside, worn by outdoors enthusiasts and regular people just trying to combat the elements without looking like like a ski bum. There are plenty of Fjallraven options that aren't in the baller range of pricing. Parkas can be copped in the $300 range, some down jackets clock in at under 3hunna, and versatile pieces of military-inspired, performance outerwear can be acquired for damn near bargain prices if you factor in how durable these are.

Again, spending $600 on a jacket isn't something most people can do on a whim, but when Kanye chooses to go with a brand you could probably spot someone wearing in any subway car in NYC, it's an interesting contrast to the very niche brands he typically gravitates toward. Maybe Ye has an appreciation for Scandinavian brands that have crafted their goods to battle extremely adverse and diverse weather; or maybe he just picked it up from one of the two Fjallraven locations located close to his SoHo crib in Manhattan cause he didn't want to get the Theraflu. The important thing to remember is that "because Kanye wore it" is another reason you shouldn't automatically hop on something.

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