Complex Kits: Mademoiselle Yulia Talks About Her Jewelry Line, Her Favorite Brands, and New York vs. Tokyo Style

Get to know everyone's favorite blue-haired DJ and jewelry designer.

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If you follow any street style blog, then you've definitely seen Mademoiselle Yulia pop up. Draped in the most next-level labels from London and Japan, not to mention her wild-style hair, she's pretty tough to miss. But Mademoiselle Yulia has a lot more going on besides being a street style star. Besides DJing some of the best parties and events around the world, her Giza jewelry line is taking off. And any label that she rocks instantly gains recognition for existing on a plane of v advanced style. Yulia came through the offices and blessed us with her presence and definitely stunted in an awesome look that had the suits in the sales section do double takes.

What can you tell the Complex reader about yourself if they don't know you? What do you do; who are you? Where are you from?
I'm from Tokyo. I was born and raised in Tokyo. I live around Harajuku. I'm a DJ and also a singer. And I also make jewelry and sometimes make clothes. My brand's called Giza. I've been a DJ for almost 10 years. Before I started, I was in a band so I always wanted to do something with music. So that's why I started to DJ. But first, it was just having fun, and now it's become my job.

Still fun?
Yeah, still fun.

And how long has Giza been around?
Five years, I think.

And why did you start Giza?
It was kind of a coincidence. My friend was asking me to design jewelry for his brand, and at the time I knew how fun it was. And then I started with my own brand. I have my business partner, and he has a shop called Gr8. And he has a shop in Harajuku in La Foret. And his shop has lots of amazing stuff, like Astrid Andersen and KTZ and Nasir Mazhar. Yeah, he's got everything from all around the world.

Where is it?
It's in Harajuku, in La Foret. La Foret is like a big clothing store in Harajuku. And through him, I did lots of collaborations.

How would you describe Giza?
Giza? Hmm. I'm doing whatever I want. Every time I do whatever I want to have, I just make that kind of stuff. And sometimes I make really big and bling-bling jewelry, but this time I made tiny stuff.

Does this one say "Giza?"
Yeah. It's just Japanese characters. And sometimes, I make that kind of jewelry, too.

What are the clothes that you make?
I just did a collaboration with KTZ. And it was more like an Egyptian style.

Just women's?
No, like unisex. It's more for men, actually. And I did the collaboration with Joyrich. And they just opened a store in New York, like a pop-up store. And I have collaborated with them for four years now.

So everyone that comes in here, we always ask them what they're wearing.
So today I'm wearing Astrid Andersen, KTZ, Nike, and Giza jewelry. And this is Kyle Hopkins.

What are your earrings? Are those Giza?
Like from some other ghetto market.

One of your big things is your hair. How'd you decide on this color?
Actually, I kept this blue hair for six years. And before that, I used to have red and pink hair colors. Blue is the most comfortable color for me. I kept this color for six years, so I kind of wanted to try another color so I put the purple here.

My father is a hair dresser, so that's why I started to color my hair quite a lot. And also, I used to go to hairdressing school so I do it myself sometimes.

It looks good.
Thank you.

What can you tell me about the different style between guys in New York and guys in Tokyo? 

Yeah. Who does it better—New York or Tokyo?
Maybe New York.

Some people. Well, it totally depends on people, right?

Yeah. But in your opinion.

Or is the correct answer that it's London? That London is the best?
I kind of like London people's fashion. They've got like a "London style."

What does that mean?
Like the colors and how they wear the trousers. It's kind of different. And Japanese people are always following what is hot now or something. But probably here is the same. I don't really know about New York yet.

Not yet?
Not yet, but I will know.

What's next for Giza? Like what's the next exciting thing happening, what are you looking forward to?
I'm going to do some more collaborations.

Any names we're allowed to hear? 
Nasir'll see!


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