Ovadia & Sons Launching Activewear Line, OVADIA+


As we've come to learn over the past few seasons, Ovadia & Sons is a brand that is constantly evolving. What began as a traditional line of suiting and tailored garments has slowly but surely evolved into a fashion-forward range of sportswear. But because you greedy bitches are never truly satisfied, they've just come through with a brand new line of activewear launching at Barneys for S/S 15, OVADIA+, so you never have to wear another brand ever again. Kick off your day at 6am with a 5 mile run in some OVADIA+, wash your ass, throw on your Ovadia & Sons suit for work, grab a healthy dinner, change into your Ovadia & Sons casualwear, hit the town, puke all over everything and cop some new Ovadia in the morning.


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