Meet Ibn Jasper, Kanye West's Barber Of 19 Years

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Meet Ibn Jasper, formerly Ferrari Murakami, Kanye West's barber of 19 years. Actually, you probably already know Jasper as one of the dudes always seen with Yeezy who you just assumed was on the payroll as a general "creative", in which case, you'd also be totally correct. What I'm saying is that in his interview with Frank 151, Jasper actually calls himself "a creative, in general." Make of that what you will, but I actually respect Jasper's mission of proving to the world that barbers and barbershops actually have larger cultural importance, particularly in the African American community. I'm not saying the world will be saved one haircut at a time, but the potential for barbershops as community centers and creative watering holes is there. For the time being however, Jasper designs the Black Tag collection for Diamond Supply Co., which has little to nothing to do with barbering as far as I can tell. Plus, Jasper's chances for ever being able to free himself from his relationship to Yeezy are slim, but hey, if DONDA ever does achieve global domination, expect Jasper to be in the company photo, holding a pair of clippers as he cuts his own hair, while wearing some terrible sunglasses.

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