Losing Sleep Over Brunello Cucinelli Spring/Summer 2014

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In a somewhat surprising move coming from a brand that favors mannequins and epic campaigns, Brunello Cucinelli has released a traditional lookbook to for their S/S 14 collection. Perfectly in sync with Pitti Uomo, natch, the lookbook shows off pretty much exactly what we expected whether we had seen the photos or not. By that we mean, another stellar offering of nonchalant, muted, yet ultimately luxurious garments that you cannot afford. Did you know that Brunello is now worth A BILLION FUCKING DOLLAR$? If you're like us, this fact probably makes you bitter and may even have you sitting up late at night, trying to come up with "disruptive" business models that will get you a David Karpian pay day. We feel you, bro.

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