"Gentlemen Lobsters" Is Hilarious And Hits A Little Too Close To Home

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Do you like being a gentleman? Do you like lobster? Then, oh boy, do we have the show for you. Appropriately entitled "Gentlemen Lobsters," this new GQ animated series follows the adventures of crustaceans Garrett and Quinn, who, like you, love #menswear, booze and bullshitting. Their styles may differ—Garrett being more into traditional tailoring and Quinn favoring the chase of the hottest new trends—but their friendship is unwavering. The show was co-created by once upon a time Four Pins contributor and 1/2 of the Fuck Yeah Menswear brain trust, Kevin Burrows, and, once again, dude perfectly satirizes the often ridiculous and vain world of #menswear we all love so goddamn much. If "Gentlemen Lobsters" doesn't hit a little too close to home then you very well might be reading the wrong website. Head over to GQ to dive into the first 3 episodes, with new joints premiering every Friday through August 15th.

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