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Well folks, finally, the moment we've been waiting for is here. After all of our crazy (if not entirely on point) speculation, the A.P.C. KANYE collection is finally in stores, and is currently available for purchase online via A.P.C.'s French online store. It will be made available on the North America online shop at 10am EST, although thanks to the beautiful power of Google's currency conversion tool, we can still give you a general idea of what the prices are looking like for these sure to be quickly SOLD ALL THE FUCKING WAY OUT garments. While we were almost entirely correct in our speculation of what the collection would entail, we could have never predicated that Kanye West's A.P.C. collection would feature a "Been Trill" tee. Make of that what you will. We're also glad to see a long sleeved hoodie in the mix because not everyone is about that Bill Belichick life.

Update: There does not appear to be a "Been Trill" T-shirt available on A.P.C.'s North America online store.

Update II: We have modified our prices below to reflect how they appear on A.P.C.'s North America online store.

Update III: We now have learned that the "Been Trill" T-shirt will be made available sometime in the coming week. It was not received in time at U.S. store locations, which is why it was not available for purchase on July 14. A.P.C. Stores in New York City are currently taking down contact information of customers interested in purchasing the T-shirt. It will retail for $140 USD. It is also available for pre-order here.

Short Sleeved Hoodie: $250 USD

Long Sleeved Hoodie: $280 USD 

Plain T-shirt: $120 USD

Denim: $265 USD

Graphic T-shirt: $140 USD


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