Lil Pump Spends $25K on Custom Gucci Bike

The "Gucci Gang" rapper spent $25,000 on a custom white Gucci bike from a high-end retailer in Miami, and reportedly mulled buying a submarine.

lil pump

Image via Getty/Ethan Miller

lil pump

Staying on-brand, Lil Pump has just dropped a bag by purchasing a new, limited-edition Gucci bike that reportedly cost him a whopping $25,000. 

The custom white bike appears to come wrapped in Gucci monogram prints on its seat cushion, with the brand's ivory and red color coding wrapped on the bars and what looks to be Gucci bags attached to either side as well. 

According to Page Six, the "Gucci Gang" rapper purchased the high-end bicycle from the Arsenale in Miami which specializes in luxury goods and limited items. After a brief perusal of the site, it's clear that it's meant for those in Lil Pump's tax bracket. Other types of bikes on sale include an Impulse E-bike going for $42,000, a Swing EB-01 for $20,400, and a Bogarde x Dior BMX in three different metallic colors for $25,000. This is just one section of the site, not even including the speedboats and private planes that look straight out of a James Bond movie.

A source also told Page Six Pump mentioned purchasing a $2.5 million submarine during his trip to the shop. "He was talking about coming back in to look at a $2.5 million submarine,” the source said. “He seemed part joking, part serious. He was saying he might have to go ‘underground’ for a bit.”

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