Meet the Barber Who Keeps Idris Elba Looking Handsome as Hell

Meet the man responsible for keeping one of Hollywood's biggest stars looking fresh.

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If you ask Adrian Fanus, he’s not a barber—he’s a groomer. Because, well, according to him, “A barber is someone who just cuts hair. A groomer, on the other hand, is someone who’s not just skilled in the art of cutting hair, but also skilled in the art of giving your skin consultation.” Either way you swing it, the man behind luxe AF Grooming salon in Brooklyn is responsible for keeping one of Hollywood’s most commanding stars, Idris Elba, looking fresh.

With a workspace that feels more like a chic lounge than a traditional barbershop, Fanus uses his keen sense of personability and craftsmanship to help professionals from all walks of life get a real grooming experience. It just so happens that some of that clientele hold celebrity status. To get a sense of what it’s like to have everyone from the average guy to the likes of Elba sit in his chair for a grooming consultation, Bevel recently sat down with Fanus at his Dekalb Avenue establishment for a chat. Find the full conversation here.

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