The Internet Thinks Kanye West's Pricey Yeezy Season 1 Clothes Are Perfect for the Zombie Apocalypse

Perfect for when you're fighting off zombie hordes—while bragging about your designer wardrobe.

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Ever since Yeezy Season 1 premiered back in February, it's been easily one of the most talked about (and enigmatic) collections. With the gear dropping any minute now, there's been plenty of criticism leveled at Ye's first designs with adidas Originals. When the pricing information dropped, people reeled at just how expensive (and we mean expensive) the clothing line was going to be—despite Yeezy's initial claims to the contrary. Now it seems like the collection's tattered, army surplus aesthetic is the next aspect to get roasted on the internet.


Kanye wants me to pay 3K to look like an extra on the Walking Dead
Kanye's out here selling the clothes the zombies in Walking Dead get shot in


Kanye has made no secrets of the fact he's inspired by early 2000's Raf Simons and Helmut Lang (along with a slew of other designers), but when the collection is supposed to appeal to fashion heads and hypebeasts alike, there's little chance that anyone can justify copping a torn up sweatshirt or a camo tall tee at luxury prices. 


Pay thousands of dollars to look like a Walking Dead character? You something else Kanye...
Kanye fashion inspired by extras off The Walking Dead.
Internet will never chill lmao #YeezySZN


While we definitely respect West's desire to really create something impactful; leaving his mark on the fashion industry in a meaningful way—offering heavily-worn out clothing at a luxury price point clearly isn't the best way to do it. Sure, West would have detractors no matter what he offered for his first adidas Originals collection—it just doesn't help that his designer gear is drawing more comparisons to Mugatu's "Derelicte" than any of his acutal designer inspirations.


Apparently @kanyewest watched Zoolander recently, somehow that sweater is worth $2,300. #Derelicte


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