Grief Stricken 'Lo Heads Hit Up Twitter to Mourn Ralph Lauren's Departure as CEO of Ralph Lauren

Pray for your local 'Lo Heads.

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It's happened. Ralph Lauren, god of the American lifestyle brand, is officially stepping down as CEO of his eponymous empire. As the world waits with wonder over what will happen to the brand that spawned such menswear icons as the Polo Bear and the Polo Pony, 'Lo Heads across social media are reacting to this development more Earth-shaking than #PoloGate.

When Lauren's replacement, Stefan Larsson, steps into the CEO role in November, it really won't be Ralph tho.

Of course the initial response to the news, is tears.



As noted in the "5 Stages of Grief," anger factors somewhere into the loss of a loved one. We only imagine this was the motivation when someone tried to slander "the gawd"



Following anger comes "bargaining."



Eventually, the masses had to come to sad, philosophical realization.



While 'Lo Heads recover from this most trying of times, keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


please pray for him in these trying times. #beenhadpolo



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