Slam Jam Speaks to Palace Founder Lev Tanju at the Palace Pop-Off

Italian creative agency Slam Jam met up with English skateboarding brand Palace at their Palace Pop-Off pop-up shop.

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Slam Jam posted up with Palace Skateboards founder Lev Tanju at their joint event, the "Palace Pop-Off" in Milan. The brief interview discusses Tanju's history as a skateboarder, founding Palace, and the VHS visual aesthetic that he's attached to the Palace brand.

With Tanju starting as a casual skateboarder in London's South Bank, the skate-centered Palace has quickly expanded into a full brand of boards and apparel, working with other icons like Reebok and the Tate Britain gallery in London.

It seems for Palace that the more they grow, the more they stay they stay true to their roots.

Peep the video to get a better look inside the brand, and head to End to shop the gear.

[via SlamXHype]

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