Rag & Bone Spring/Summer 2016 Is Built for Parkour

Rag & Bone has models moving like ninjas

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Parkour was the clear theme for Rag & Bone's Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright kept the focus clearly on the technical, making sure that the clothes were able to move with someone who may be, we don't know, jumping off buildings and flipping over urban obstacles. 

Showcasing the clothes in action, a video accompanied the presentation, featuring parkour team Bullettrun pulling off several techniques that inspired the look, feel, and design behind the collection as a whole.



While technical, athletic menswear isn't necessarily new, Rag & Bone kept that at the heart of their collection, seen in vented shirting; lightweight, convertable outerwear, and tapered trousers that reach near-running legging levels. Add in a few functional backpacks, and the only thing holding you back from flipping over fire hydrants in your local city won't be your wardrobe—just your inability to run for more than a few minutes.

Check out the full collection below.



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