"Get Familiar" With Patta in Their 10-Year-Anniversary Documentary

Patta just unveiled the trailer to their new documentary "Patta 10 Years: Get Familar," chronicling the decade-long history of the streetwear brand.

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"Patta 10 Years: Get Familiar" documents the behind-the-scenes of those who work with and run Amsterdam-based streetwear brand Patta.

Working as both innovators and collaborators, Patta has quickly rose through the ranks of streetwear's most buzzed about brands worldwide. The documentary is planning to cover the growth of the brand over the past decade, from the move to Amsterdam's historic Zeedjik, to the collaborations with Nike and Stussy. The team's "do it myself" attitude is dripping off the footage, a theme that epitomizes the entire documentary look behind the brand.

Shot with help from E-Ville Media Group, the release of the film's trailer will build plenty of hype for what looks to be one of the more insightful documentaries this year. Keep it posted at Patta's home base for updates.

[via Patta]

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