A Field Guide to the Modern Day Fuccboi

Breaking down all the cornballs who invade your timeline non-stop.

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If the Internet has done one thing for fashion, it’s proven how many fuccbois there are in the world. They’re at your local mall, at your place of business, and in your neighborhood. Always dressed in the most tragic of fashion trends, these are the guys who are the first people to post their ’fit pics on Instagram, and they’re also the first people you don’t want to emulate.

We’ve broken down fuccbois of every stripe in hopes that you can avoid their mistakes. No matter what lifestyle you ascribe to or facets of culture you’re super into, these are the people who pride themselves on being on the cutting edge of corniness. Behold: A Field Guide to the Modern Day Fuccboi.

Illustrations by Oli Holmes

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