The FIT SMART Is the Newest Member of Adidas' miCoach Series of Wearable Tech

Adidas adds the FIT SMART to its miCoach series, opting for simpler design to focus on what matters, delivering fitness results.

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Adidas is releasing a new piece of wearable tech to add to its growing miCoach lineup: the simplified FIT SMART.

Opting not to compete directly with other smart watches and wearable tech, the FIT SMART uses its restricted design to focus on what it's naturally built to do—deliver fitness results. With a simple silicon strap and an advanced heart rate monitor underneath its LED display face, the FIT SMART is focused on monitoring you during your workout, and really nothing else.

Paul Gaudio, general manager of digital sport at Adidas, said, "It became an exercise of omission. Knowing what to keep out is important."

Don't get fooled though, just because it doesn't play games or search the web like lots of other wearable tech doesn't mean that it's lacking impressive features. The device includes a colored band on the display that changes colors based on workout intensity, monitors heart rate, and syncs and compares data with the miCoach Train and Run app.

The simplicity is carried down to the consumer, with the device coming in at $199. This is a change in direction compared to the $400 miCoach SMART RUN watch, which admittedly, has far more bells and whistles attached to its functionality.

The watch is set to release in late August exclusively at Best Buy, eventually becoming available at select Adidas stores a few weeks later.

[via CNET]

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