Design Custom T-Shirts That Fit Perfectly With Son Of A Tailor

Son Of A Tailor allows guys to craft T-shirts that actually fit.

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If high-fashion T-shirts are too expensive, and the Fruit of the Loom five-pack just isn't keeping it comfortable, then Son Of A Tailor, may be your T-shirt solution. The company, based out minimalist haven Denmark, allows shoppers to design their own tees—from the length and width, to initials on the hemline.

CEO Jess Fleischer recognized that, while guys build their wardrobe on their tees, many guys don't just fit into the mass-produced silhouettes buyers are conditioned to just deal with. In the pursuit of "adding a couple centimeters to the length...making[ing] the sleeves a little shorter," and providing a sensible selection of colors, the label was born. 

The process is simple. You select between the "New School" pocket tee, or the "Old School" tee (which has no pocket). After picking out your color and neckline, you can choose between three different measurement options: use the proportions of a shirt you already own; take your body measurements (like you would at any tailoring shop), or use the pre-established sizes that you'd find in a store (small, medium, large, and extra large).

The whole experience costs $60, with free worldwide shipping included in the purchase price.

Both T-shirt styles are constructed out of organic cotton, intended to keep fabric wear and pilling to a minimum.

If you're the type who just isn't flourishing with his tagless Hanes T-shirts, then then this is definitely a solution to consider. Sure the $60 price tag makes each shirt far more of an investment than the countless five-packs you've copped at your local big box store, but if those shirts don't fit—then why bother settling for them in the first place?



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