COS Opens Major New Store on NYC's Fifth Avenue

The 3,982 square foot store is right in the heart of NYC's shopping scene.

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When it comes to COS and growth, it's really full steam ahead as of late. The sister brand of global retailer H&M has been expanding rapidly, both in Europe and in the United States. After opening its first U.S. location in Los Angeles, COS parked its first New York location downtown, over on Spring Street. in SoHo. Now, COS has added a completely new shop, settled right on the city's famous Fifth Avenue.

"Spring Street was a phenomenal first location, and we loved the unique structure of that townhouse," COS' head of communications, Atul Pathak, told Complex. "But the good thing about Fifth Avenue is that it brings in local residents who want to shop. On the other hand, there are also so many international residents and visitors here [on Fifth Ave.] that in itself creates some interest for us."

While this new Fifth Avenue storefront isn't the biggest (that title goes to the COS store in Beverly Hills) it's home to a design that's uniquely inspired by its NYC surroundings. The store itself features pale wooden floor; with natural and muted gray finishes. With an internal facade composed primarily of wooden planks, the atmosphere feels open and cozy simultaneously. For the male shoppers, you can find a premiere space in the front of the store, though most of the men's is located in the back. This shouldn't be read as a slight however, COS has the men's area thoughtfully mapped out—featuring a sitting area and small stack of magazines available for shoppers looking to take a pause and enjoy the space. 

"We knew that the outside was going to have to maintain the building structure, and we wanted to have something individual to the store," said Pathak. "Each store has its own sense of flavor in that respect."

It's a surprisingly minimalist oasis that's nestled right in the midst of the chaos of Fifth Avenue, and you're sure to find a wide variety of customers when you walk in. "When we talk to our customer, we talk about having an international mindset," Pathak said. Considering that the upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 (due out in February 2016) is about "reinterpreting calm" and 
"evaluating the familiar," it seems like the new store's geography is the perfect location to experience that collection's theme up-close-and-personal.

But those aren't the key aspects of COS' inspirations. "I think that art and design play a big role in what inspires us. Our heads of design will often look at contemporary art and architecture, product design, graphics," Pathak told Complex. "I think we often talk about our customer having a strong international interest in the different types of art and design that’s happening around the world." Perhaps this is why, when it came to opening another NYC store, COS tapped six well-known locals to explain its love of the city's parks, galleries, and public spaces—revealing how they inspire them personally. 

If you're looking to hit up the new store, it officially opened to the public today. Stop by and see the new space for yourself over at 505 Fifth Ave. (between 42nd Street and 43rd Street)




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