A Moody Look at Engineered Garment's S/S 2014 Collection (Video)

A look into Daiki Suzuki's S/S 14 presentation in New York.


Taking a silent, yet visually striking look into the work behind the spring/summer 2014 collection from Engineered Garments, director Manaba Gaku Inada presents a rarely seen look into easily one of the most exciting brands in menswear today.

Combining pieces of footage from, quite literally, Engineered Garment's cutting room floor with moody montages of New York City streets, leads into a dramatic showing of the brand's spring/summer 2014 presentation. This includes heavy usage of florals, dark lighting and riffs on what some would consider to a be a fusion of unstructured blazers and Japanese yukatas.

Atmospheric, moody and quietly insightful, this is a 10 minute piece you'll want to see—just be prepared to see a lot of florals.

[via Vimeo]

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