424 on Fairfax Drops New Lookbook for Controversial 'Post Apocalyptic Gardening' Collection

An exclusive look at the controversial collection's lookbook.

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Earlier this week, we highlighted 424 on Fairfax's recently released "Post Apocalyptic Gardening" collection. Now, we've received an exclusive look at the collection's lookbook, with input direct from 424's designer.

While one look at the imagery made the collection's themes obvious—targeting police that attack those who they're sworn to protect—designer and owner, Guillermo Andrade pointed out that his use of the phrase "we're here to help" on several pieces perfectly sums up the hypocrisy found in many police forces across the country.

Inevitably, Andrade notes, when the the "frustration, pain, and sorrow" of the issue inevitably boils over, our society will be able to take the mentality of "peace of mine" and transform it into "peace of mind." It's likely why, in the "gardening" aspect of the collection, he's created a section of simplified designs featuring yellow poppy flowers.

Take and exclusive look at the collection's lookbook below, and hit up 424 on Fairfax to cop your favorite pieces from the collection.


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