Jaden Smith on Style: "It's About Dressing a Generation"

Jaden Smith has a lot of important thoughts about style.

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Contemporary philosopher Jaden Smith has only been 17 for seven days and already he's leveled up to a higher plane of thinking. Twitter user Outlander uploaded a video of Jaden passionately going off about what style means, or at least, what it should be perceived to mean. We've annotated the 15-second discourse for your easily digestible pleasure below:

"It's about creating! It's all about creating, and dressing a generation and helping a generation and...educating a generation! And being yourself! That's what it's all about! [unclear] One hundred percent! Everybody, in the world!"

Jaden previously cited Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Superman and Kanye as his style icons. Sure enough, in the video above he appears to be wearing a long, drapey black hoody-tunic. We can't wait to see where Jaden takes his alphet game and how he implements his advanced thoughts during year 17. 

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