Supreme Founder James Jebbia Did Not Respond to Barbara Kruger, and Does Not Have a Twitter Account

This is a fake.

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Well, this is interesting.

As brought to our attention about half an hour ago, it looked like Supreme founder James Jebbia had finally weighed in on both Married To The Mob's Leah McSweeney—who Jebbia is taking to court over the trademark of her "Supreme Bitch" design—as well as Barbara Kruger, the artist whose work inspired the ubiquitous Supreme logo (and who recently weighed in on the matter of Supreme for the first time in an email to Complex last week). 

And how did James Jebbia apparently remark on all of this? By way of a Twitter under his name, of course (see above). But a few things seemed weird, here.

For one thing, what the hell does Jebbia have to sue Kruger over? And for another, Jebbia previously did not respond to Complex for comment on Kruger's reaction last week. Why would he take to Twitter now?

The truth of the matter? He didn't.

In an email to Complex, Jebbia responded to the Twitter account "he" had created by responding in no uncertain terms:

Ah, the beauty of minimalism.

Jebbia did not respond to an immediate follow up for comment on the particulars of Kruger's statement or McSweeney's response brief to Supreme (filed last week by civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel). But one question: If that's not James Jebbia, who is it? And why are they trying to provoke Kruger? And will the typically press-averse Jebbia take his own Twitter name back at any point? 

We've already asked the obvious question of who this person is, but if you've got any ideas, educated guessed, or informed knowledge, we're obviously all ears. Hit us up if you know more.

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