Korea via Harlem: Pennant Korea Teams up with Gypsy Sport for a Truly International Shoe

Seoul meets Harlem with capsule collection from Pennant Korea and Gypsy Sport.

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Korean company Vent has been releasing functional, sportswear inspired pieces under it's PENNANT line for some time now, and what better place to look for that kind of inspiration than Harlem?  For the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 capsule collection, PENNANT will feature a shoe collaboration with Harlem streetwear brand Gypsy Sport, which Complex previously covered here.

This shoe, called the Jimi (named for music legend Jimi Hendrix) is fully customizable, with seven peg units on the side and a back styled after a guitar head. Wearers can easily change the look by utilizing the different fastening techniques on the sole. Depending on which upper the wearer chooses, the Jimi can become summertime flip-flops or warm neoprene sandals.  Mr. Hendrix was celebrated for his musical acumen, but we all know his true genius lay in his appreciation for customizable footwear.  If you want to follow his legacy you can find more on Vent and PENNANT here.


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