Zara Drops a New Genderless Clothing Line

The retailer is the latest to embrace gender-defying fashion.

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Zara is joining the movement towards genderless fashion with the drop of its new ungendered line. This week, the fast-fashion retailer released a set of unisex pieces that include jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, tanks, and sweaters. The new styles are modeled on its website by both men and women, proving how versatile the basics can be when the aren't labeled by gender. 

Like Zara, many retailers and designers have started to to blur the line between menswear and womenswear. The belief shared by many millenials that gender is on a spectrum and not a binary has helped been a driving force for a more inclusive take on fashion. The latest approach by Zara and department stores like Selfridges proves that it isn't just a trend we are seeing on the runway, but a larger movement towards unisex fashion in the mainstream. 

You can shop the Ungendered collection on Zara's website now. 

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