Sean Kingston Reportedly Slapped With $300,000 Lawsuit Over Jewelry

Sean Kingston reportedly picked out several watches, chains, and rings, but never paid the $300,000 tab.

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Sean Kingston is reportedly facing a hefty lawsuit after going on a jewelry buying spree that he couldn't afford. The singer picked out thousands of dollars worth of watches, necklaces, chains, and rings from Aqua Master, a jewelry store in New York City, but never paid the full amount for the bling, Page Six is reporting. Now, the store is suing him for the $301,500 he still owes. 

Before making off with the jewels, Kingston had apparently left a $1,000 deposit and a promise his business manager would wire the rest of the money, but it never came.

According to court records Kingston's extravagant purchase included two watches containing 46 carats of diamonds, a chain with 99 carats of diamonds, two diamond “tennis” necklaces, and two yellow gold chains.

You'd think the "Beautiful Girls" singer would have learned his lesson last year after being involved in a bizarre kidnapping over an unpaid bill at Avianne Jewelers in Los Angeles. Kingston alleged in November that he was abducted after refusing to pay the full amount for a $225,000 watch. Prior to that, Kingston was also sued by Avi Da Jewelers for $356,000 in unpaid purchases. 

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