A New Report Shows Men Are Spending Very Little Money on Clothing

The stats are surprisingly low.

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A new report done by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics breaks down just how Americans are spending their hard earned money. The stats taken from 2014 reveal that men really aren't spending much on apparel or shoes. 

With the all the talk of the growing menswear market, it is surprising that the amount men invest in style is still pretty low. Even guys over the age of 16 who are making the most cash with an income of $70,000 or more, are only spending $183 a year on footwear and $557 on clothing. For dudes who make $30,000 to $39,999​, their average costs fall around $229.

The survey also shows that every group only spends around $5 on suits, and the majority of their money goes towards shirts, vests, and sweaters. 

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