Here's Why You Might See More Men Wearing Dresses

This could be the new normal for menswear.

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Over the past several seasons, more and more designers have been adopting the style of androgynous dress. From Hood by Air to Saint Laurent, the move towards gender-blurring fashion is definitely having a moment. But, unlike most high-fashion trends, this one isn't relegated to the runway, with dudes like Young Thug, Russell Westbrook, and Jaden Smith, proudly rocking skirts and dresses.

So, are men in dresses the new normal? "This trend is not slowing down now or in the near future," Tom Kalenderian, executive vice president and general merchandiser for Men’s at Barneys New York, said to Mashable. "Rather it was 'one that is going through another cycle with a new generation.'"

Kalenderian explains that the unisex fashion movement peaked back in the 1960s, with icons like David Bowie leading the way, and this generation has just begun to bring it back. 

Jean Paul Gaultier was one of the early pioneers in dressing men in traditionally feminine silhouettes, which appeared in his shows back in the '90s. And, let us not forget about Kanye West's Givenchy kilt from a few years ago. 

Men weren't quite ready to get down with frocks then, but it looks like things are definitely changing in menswear. 




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