Kim Kardashian Poses Nude for Her First-Ever 'GQ' Cover

Kim Kardashian landed her first-ever cover for ‘GQ,’ posing nude for the “Sex, Love, and Madness” issue.

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Kim Kardashian's "secret project" isn't a secret anymore. GQ has just unveiled the cover of its "Sex, Love, and Madness" issue and it features none other than a nude Mrs. Kardashian West. The reality star is photographed wearing nothing more than a black leather jacket, which she holds across her front for her first-ever cover for the magazine. 

GQ features Kardashian in honor of the issue's 10th anniversary. The magazine will include an interview that touches on topics like how she drives Kanye West crazy, being on team #imwithher, and making her life her business.

Kardashian teased the nude photoshoot on Instagram a couple weeks ago with two black and white photos. One captured her famous backside while sitting at the edge of a bed, and she posed topless in another. The images were shot by photographers Mert Alaş and Marcus Piggott, the duo is also responsible for the cover. 

Kardashian did an equally sexy shoot for British GQ, when she was named "Woman of the Year" in 2014

The latest nude photoshoot comes shortly after Kardashian faced backlash for stripping down in front of the camera from fellow celebrities like Bette Midler and Chloë Grace Moretz. In a recent interview, Kardashian said she was "truly was baffled" that people still cared about the nude picture she posted. "They've seen me naked 500 times."

Kardashian has continued to defend her choice to bare it all, and promised to take "nude selfies until I die" while accepting the first Webby Award for "Breaking the Internet." Many will be happy to know she's sticking to her word.

You can see more from her photoshoot here.

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