Watch Kendall Jenner Break Up a Fight Thanks to her Clavin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein unveils a new video featuring the model.

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Following the unveiling of its celebrity-filled #mycalvins campaign last month, Calvin Klein is back with a new video for Spring 2016 featuring Kendall Jenner. The moody 30-second clip, shot by David Sims, captures Jenner showcasing her CK black bra and briefs, while two men (also in their skivvies of course) attempt to wrestle each other. It culminates with Jenner striking a few poses with the dudes, probably because she broke up the fight with her "Iron Strength" (which is the title of the film). Which is pretty much how most fights end up anyway. We assume the guys went and grabbed a beer together immediately afterward. 

Jenner signed on to be the face of Calvin Klein last Spring and has starred in several of its campaigns since. 

Check it out above. 

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