Jaden Smith Trades in His Superhero Costume for a Prom Dress

Jaden Smith sports a dress to prom.

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If you are attending multiple proms it is totally understandable that you wouldn't want to wear the same outfit to each one. But, Jaden Smith really changed up his style for his second school dance this weekend, trading his white Batman-esque supersuit for what appears to be a black and white shift dress. 

Much like his last ensemble, he dressed up the outfit with an oversized blazer, white gloves, and added a pair of sneakers. He attended the prom with Amandla Stenberg from the Hunger Games and the couple pretty much stunted on everyone.

Of course, it is nothing new for the 16-year-old to be caught rocking a dress. He said earlier this year that he had grown an affinity for women's clothing and has proven over the past couple months that he DGAF about gender norms. 


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