Mark Zuckerberg Proves He Really Does Wear the Same Thing Everyday

The Facebook co-founder shares a photo of his closet.

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Mark Zuckerberg definitely isn't known for taking style risks. The Facebook co-founder literally sports the same exact gray T-shirt everyday. When someone finally asked him about his monotonous wardrobe, his answer had nothing to do with style, but the fact that he wants to make as few choices as possible. Well, a recent look inside his closet proves that he has successfully taken any decision-making out of his morning routine.

Zuckerberg shared a photo on  Facebook of a line up of gray tees and hoodies that is so repetitive it looks like it belongs to a cartoon character. The caption read "First day back after paternity leave. What should I wear?" with an obviously ironic undecided emoticon. 

According to Zuckerberg not having to decide what to wear actually saves energy, which he can put towards more important choices throughout the day. Many other men from Thom Browne to Kanye West have adopted similar, but less extreme uniforms. Clearly superheroes were onto something. 


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