Russian Deisgner Gosha Rubchinskiy: "Supreme, Palace, and Gosha Are Above the System"

Gosha Rubchinskiy talks about being compared to other brands like Supreme and Palace and what it means to be successful.

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When Gosha Rubchinskiy first launched his namesake line in 2008, the designer encountered plenty of obstacles. But, despite facing the challenges that came with self-funding his label, which ultimately put his project on hold until 2012, Rubchinskiy foresaw its success.

"It was 2008, during my first show, and a journalist asked me, ‘What is the fashion of the future?'" he told the Financial Times. "I said, 'I am the future. In 10 years, everyone will be talking about Gosha'."

The designer wasn't too far off. In just eight years after his first show, the label has become one of the biggest in streetwear. Its success means Gosha is now mentioned in the same breath as Supreme and even landed him a coveted spot as the guest designer at this year's Pitti Uomo show, alongside Raf Simons. 

"What we do now suits the moment," he said. “Brands like Supreme, Palace, and Gosha are above the system.” Despite the similarities between the cult brands, like their limited drops and sell-out collections, Rubchinskiy wants to do his own thing.

"I never want to be Supreme, I never want to be Palace, I want to be Gosha," he said. "People say Gosha is the next Raf, Gosha is the next Supreme. No. Gosha is Gosha."

One way Rubchinskiy set himself apart from other brands is by continually presenting runway shows while others simply unveil collections online. Shows aren't common for a stretwear brands, but it isn't about presenting a complex concept like it is to many brands who show at events like Paris Fashion Week. Rubchinskiy's bottom line is still to sell wearable clothing. 

“If I choose fashion as a medium, I need to sell clothes,” he said."If it’s successful, it means you’re doing the right thing. When we stop selling clothes, I’ll go and do something else."

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