There's Now a Service That Lets You Shop Via Drunk Text

This is dangerous.

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A new service called DrunkPhone wants users to now make their outrageous drunk shopping purchases via text message. 

The concept was created by the online retailer DrunkMall, which much like the ridiculous items in a SkyMall catalogue, offers a roundup of the weirdest products on the Internet like Bourbon soaked toothpicks and LED Neckties that look real appealing after a long night out. 

To make their items more accessible DrunkMall introduced DrunkPhone, a number that gives customers the ability to make regrettable purchases on their cell phone.

I decided to give it a try by texting 347-WASTED-4. To get a response users have to enter a number between one and 10, but it has to be spelled out, not just the numeral. I decided to enter "two."

After five to 10 minutes, the number will text back with a photo of a product and a description with a link to complete your purchase. The first item it suggested for me was a two pound bag of pink Starburst.


Although the candies are pretty amazing and two pounds sounds like a totally reasonable amount when you are wasted, I wanted to try it again. This time I entered "five" and it responded with the "tiniest and most awesome guitar amp ever." I was intrigued by the little amplifier, but I have no idea how to play the guitar. 

Clearly, you have to be completely smashed to truly appreciate the ridiculousness of the DrunkPhone. But, I guess that's the point.

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