The Merch Being Sold Outside Donald Trump Rallies Is Super Offensive to Women

One of the tees reads, "Hillary sucks, but not as good as Monica."

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It's nothing new for Donald Trump and his supports to be accused of misogyny. The republican candidate has made some pretty offensive remarks about women throughout his campaign and even before he joined the presidential race. But, his supporters' views on women, especially Hillary Clinton, might have just hit a disgusting new low with these T-shirts

As Huffington Post reporter Amanda Terkel points out on Twitter, vendors outside of Trump's rally in Buffalo, N.Y., yesterday were selling shirts with gross and extremely offensive slogans. Shirts were printed with phrases like, "Trump That Bitch" and "Hillary sucks, but not like Monica." If that wasn't bad enough, the shirts were being sold in size "sexy" and were alongside a selection of racist merch emblazoned with the Confederate flag.

Clearly, this was an attempt for Trump supporters to disparage his competitor, but there is no excuse for the extremely sexist language. You can check out some of the tees below. 

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