Bradley Soileau Talks Punk Rock and the Second Volume of Blackfist

Bradley Soileau shares details of Blackfist's second volume and talks about the inspiration behind the line.

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Bradley Soileau debuted his line Blackfist with an epic release of seven handmade garments that spanned over three months and ended with a gallery installation. Now, almost a year later, the punk rock model turned designer is back with his second collection called "Hurts So Good," which he will reveal at the Capsule tradeshow.

In an interview with Capsule, Soileau said that the upcoming second volume of the line was inspired by the '80s thrash skate scene and the Troma cult classic film The Toxic Avenger. The designer names a pair of paneled pants and a asymmetrical trench as standout pieces from the collection.

The New Orleans native shared that his experiences growing up rock n roll and hardcore has helped give Blackfist an organic aesthetic that many brands are lacking. He also said that for each new volume, a term he took from punk-o-rama mixtapes, he will draw from a new subculture and genre of music. "Each collection will be a different vibe, a different "hero" I had in mind during the design process."  

When asked who he was designing for he responded, "I’m designing for a cool kid who likes to dress tight. Who wants to buy into something they can actually trust and believe in."​

Soileau said that he hopes to create a Blackfist world that will encompass much more than clothing. To read the rest of the interview head over to the Capsule website.

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