You Can Customize Your Polo Ralph Lauren With These Interactive Windows

Bloomingdale's and Ralph Lauren bring interactive shopping windows to its flagship location.

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In honor of Father's Day, Bloomingdale's has teamed up with Ralph Lauren to create an interactive experience that allows shoppers to customize the brand's classic styles just by tapping their finger. Located just outside of its New York flagship location are six touchscreen plasma windows that allow users to mix-and-match the various pieces.

The selection offers 18 different colors of polos, as well as six styles of oxfords, six ties, and four bathing suits. Each of the users choices are reflected on the large screens, so you can see just how your combination would look. The windows are accessible 24/7 and the items are available through a mobile checkout system. They even offer window-side delivery, which means you can pick up something for dad and maybe a little something for yourself without ever stepping into the store.

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