Lululemon Quickly Learned Not to Come for Beyoncé

Lululemon messed with the wrong fans.

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This morning Beyoncé gave us a first look at her new activewear brand Ivy Park. Following the unveiling, Lululemon thought it would be a good idea to respond to a tweet that mentioned its athleisure clothing in the same breath as the new line released by the singer. It didn't take long for the Canadian brand to realize this was a huge mistake.

One brave Twitter user asked, "Is ivy park supposed to be like lululemon?" Lululemon responded:

It didn't take long for the BeyHive to go in on Lululemon for claiming Queen Bey copied their designs or that the brands were similar in any way. Once Lululemon realized the grave mistake it made, it immediately deleted the tweet. Of course, that didn't stop the BeyHive from attacking.

Ironically, before Lululemon threw shade at Beyoncé, it had been shouting her out in tweets all month.

After the backlash, Lululemon attempted to apologize, but it is clear that the damage has already been done. Hopefully, the lesson learned here is loud and clear: Never go up against Beyoncé fans.


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