Pieces From the Balmain x H&M Collection Are Already on Ebay

The collection doesn't drop until next week.

Image via H&M

The anticipated Balmain x H&Mcollection doesn't hit stores until next week, but several pieces have already surfaced on eBay.

Jackets, blazers, and tees are all listed on the site, but purchasing the pieces before the drop is definitely going to cost you.

Resellers are well aware that this collection is set to sell out immediately, so they are charging accordingly. The Balmain logo T-shirt that is priced at $35 is listed for more than double with a starting bid at $82. The other men's styles like the $649 embroidered black jacket have listings starting at $820 and the $549 moto jacket is listed for $1,350. 

If you are looking to cop any of the women's pieces, the markup is pretty extreme too, especially on those pieces sported by the Jenner sisters. The $549 beaded blazer that Kendall wore to the Billboard Music Awards is priced at $1,300 for all sizes. 

If you aren't willing to pay the inflated prices, you can try your luck when the collection officially drops on Nov. 5.

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