Shepard Fairey Paints New Mural in Berlin for Urban Nation's "One Wall" Project

Shepard Fairey continues to paint murals, this time for Urban Nation's new initiative.

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Prominent American artist and activist Shepard Fairey was recently asked to paint a mural for the sixth edition of Urban Nation's Project "One Wall" in Berlin, Germany.

Urban Nation describes themselves as a "studio workspace" who aims to bring together artists, enrich urban spaces, and support international urban art.  They launched Project "One Wall" in order to additionally unite artists with curators and creatives globally.

Bringing art and diversity to all the neighborhoods of Berlin, "One Wall" adds the aesthetic of Fairey to the city. He is one of many artists to contribute to the project, including Don Jon and Tristan Eaton, which allows street artists to work on building other murals around distinct boroughs city.

[via Henrik Haven]

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