Street Artist MEGGS Paints His Biggest Mural Yet In Detroit

Australian Artist MEGGS creates a huge mural in homage to the city of Detroit.

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Street artist MEGGS has completed his largest solo mural to date in Detroit's Russell industrial district. An ode to the spirit of the city, the astounding work is over 6,500 square feet in size and features a tiger alongside the words, "Rise Up!!" In addition, the work showcases new textural techniques and levels of detailed symbolism utilized by MEGGS.

David "MEGGS" Hooke is an Australian fine and street artist whose progressive work blends text and symbolism alongside color, design, and illustration. He created the mural at the end of his five-week residency at the Inner State Gallery as an homage to the city that welcomed and inspired him.

In the press release, MEGGS explains that the iconic Detroit tiger "is a symbol that all Detroiters relate to and feel proud ownership of. It’s a symbol that’s born from Detroit’s glory days and one that survived its unfortunate downfall.” He hopes that those in the city can identify with the mural as Detroit enters a new age of change and growth.

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