Artists Eddie Colla, Nite Owl, Caratoes, and 2wenty Share Epic Photos from a Road Trip to the Salton Sea

Check out the beautiful images from a group of street artists' road trip to the desert.

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A road trip for the ages: street artists Eddie Colla, Nite Owl, Caratoes, and 2wenty journeyed to the California's man-made lake, the Salton Sea, to revitalize the space. Here, the diverse artists covered the expanse with their work and brought new life and energy to the buildings surrounding the desert lake.

Master of wheatpaste, Eddie Colla adorned the empty area with his dope and graphic large-scale illustrations while 2wenty utilized the space to capture ethereal light painting photographs. Nite Owl embellished structures with his signature owl emblem, and Caratoes decked out the abandoned buildings with her bright and brash murals.

The artists captured each other in action in a collaborative photo series. Check out this awesome restoration project with these epic photos from the road trip. Those of you near the Salton Sea, take a road trip of your own, and see the clutch work in person.

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