Artists Doodle on Body Scans to Create 3D Self-Portraits

This video lets you imagine what it's like to live in different skin.

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Have you ever wondered what you would look like with different skin? NYU Telecommunications students and visual artists Rosalie Yu and Alon Chitayat's latest collaborative project may give you some insight.

Using 3D technology, Yu and Chitayat scanned their bodies to build virtual models of themselves and added texture to the models with a variety of different designs. Each of these designs was made out of a swatch created by a volunteer, who drew or painted freely on the paper. These designs were then photographed, uploaded, and mapped on to the figures. The result is a visually arresting collection of figures that could not look more different.

"It raises up the question whether it is the skin or the body which defines us, and invites artists to participate in the creative process of creating a self portrait," writes the team. The diverse nature of the results of the work seems to suggest that our outer appearances may indeed be what define us. The figures are rendered almost unrecognizable from their twins by way of texture in this thought-provoking project.

[via Co. Design]

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