You Wore A Good Sweater, Charlie Brown

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You know why we like Michael Bastian so much? The guy's not afraid to have a little fun with his inspiration. From the Galapagos Islands to the pages of Peanuts, Bastian has found creative ways to inject playful life into his menswear. If this sweater looks vaguely familiar to you it's because Bastian got it right off Charlie Brown's back. In a tribute to the lovable loser that we all grew up with, Bastian designed a sweater that grounds us in nostalgic sensibility, while allowing you to stylishly explore your inner nerd, all in 100% Italian cashmere like a fucking boss don. Be forewarned, being a geek has its price. The sweater is available now for $995. It's either that or 19,900 sessions with Lucy.


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