The Coolest Hoarder Of All Time


You all probably know him as the founder of A Bathing Ape, or Bape to the young bloods, but defining Nigo requires much more than just a clothing label. He's also the foremost hoarder of all things cool. In a video produced by Obscura Magazine, we get an intimate tour of what it's like to be an extremely wealthy nerd. Nigo's obsession with Star Wars has been well documented in the past and he gives us a glimpse of his super rare OG 16-piece Special Action Figure Set, which he happens to be one of only four people in the world to own. He's also amassed a respectable collection of various guitars used by The Beatles all the way from their formation to disbanding, a true signifier of taste and obsession well beyond measure. But unlike most people of today's generation who've grown accustomed to buying loads of useless shit from the Internet, the 42-year-old pop culture icon and general tastemaker actually likes to buy things from a store from an actual human being. Nigo's idea of collecting is "all about 'meeting' the items in person," proving even further that dude is a pathological dork monster.

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