Hickey Freeman's Decking Out NBC For The Olympics

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American suit maker Hickey Freeman will be outfitting the entire male sportscasting team at NBC in custom-made wardrobes for the Olympics, news that might alleviate at least some of the Ralph Lauren PR catastrophe from this past week since, thankfully, all of the garments were produced in Hickey's Rochester, N.Y. factory. HMX Group, who owns Hickey Freeman, has already established a relationship with NBC in the past as they dressed sportscasters for Sunday Night Football, so it doesn't come as a surprise that the next step would be helping grown men dress themselves for the Olympic games. Hickey will be providing Bob Costas, Matt Lauer and the rest of the broadcasters with a rather dapper slim-cut navy blazer for the opening ceremony, complete with a customized crest over the chest pocket—an amalgamation of the NBC, Olympic, and Hickey Freeman logos. Another parchment-colored version will be worn for tennis tournaments, and all of it looks pretty damn cool if you ask us. We're still holding out hope that the less sartorially inclined sports commentators of this fine nation will follow NBC's lead. Our utopian vision of the future comes complete with talking heads that look less like talking dickheads.

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