Here's An Amazing Art Exhibition Inspired by the Powerpuff Girls

This art "Bubbles" up.

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We have a soft spot for cartoons. Particularly, we have a soft spot for cartoons that imagine young women as incredibly powerful super heroes. More specifically, we have a soft spot for cartoons where a trio of young girls constantly battles a despotic evil monkey. Also, yeah, we like art.

So, here’s the new project from New York artist Polly Apfelbaum, currently on display at the Perez Art Museum in Miami, until May 2015. It’s specicially informed by The Powerpuff Girls, one (and probably the only) cartoon that fulfills all of our criteria for great cartoons listed above. For an installation as part “Americana: Formalizing Craft,” the artist hand cut and died 104 pieces of velvet with every color offered by the dye maker Sennelier. As you can see from the video above, it’s a psychedelic, room-sized quilt, informed as much by Bauhaus craftsmanship as it is the Cartoon Network. Check out the piece above, along with Apfelbaum’s explanation of the project.

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