Street Detail: Jamaal on West Broadway

Today's subject was spotted during the frenzy of Fashion's Night Out and dreams of dating Rihanna. Vote on his style now!

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10.7 Jamaal 2NAME: Jamaal


HOME BASE: Brooklyn

JACKET: Paper Denim & Cloth

SHIRT: Polo Ralph Lauren


SNEAKERS: Air Jordan

WATCH: G-Shock

What's your must-have item of the moment? I would have to say another pair of Palladium boots. They're so comfortable, stylish, and great for the fall.

What inspires your style? My inspiration is from the streets that contributes to my eclectic taste.

What movie best captures your style?Takers.

Favorite website? Tash Hip Urban N Chic.

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Favorite online shop? eBay.

What is your favorite brand? UNIQLO.

Most common statement about your style? "How fly or fresh are you!"

Dream job? Anything in sports marketing.

Dream date? Rihanna.

Photo by Wendie Lee

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