Check Out the Shoppable Video for Tinie Tempah's "Don't Sell Out"

London's calling. Tinie answers, with a new track and new Dockers looks.

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When you think of London, England, it likely involves visions of old geezers having tea and biscuits. But London is also the birthplace of Tinie Tempah, y’all. In this slick interactive video for his brand new track, “Don’t Sell Out,” we get to watch Tinie in action all throughout his native city, from the rooftops to the streets to the banks of the Thames. Not only that, but we also get glimpses of Tinie sporting some of the dopest new Dockers Alpha Collection items. From the Alpha Khaki Cords to the Printed Chambray Shirt, you’ll find perfect pieces for foggy London town or just about any town. Tinie pulls off each look with class and style, and so can you. While watching, you can toggle over each look and then click over to them on the Alpha Collection site.

To watch “Don’t Sell Out” now, check out the video above.

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