Kanye West Talks Ralph Lauren and Wanting to Make "Sexier Uggs" on The Breakfast Club

Kanye West talks about his adidas collection, wanting to make "sexier Uggs," and what his goal is in fashion.

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Kanye West stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about music and his adidas collection

During the one-hour long sit down, Kanye revealed, by way of Charlamagne, that Drake attended the celeb-heavy New York Fashion Week show. Of course, he also expressed what his main goal with his adidas line is, wanting his clothes to be less expensive in the vein of the price points of Zara and H&M, and even what he told Ralph Lauren at the Ralph Lauren fashion show yesterday

On the separatism in fashion: 

"In clothing right now, there's a real separatism. There are $5,000 sweatshirts, so now everyone's spending that money, showing up at the club... It's like, we need to spend that money on our families and stuff. my point of what I'm doing in clothing right now is I'm going and taking the talent."

On his conversation with Ralph Lauren: 

"I just came from the Ralph show and I was talking to Ralph and I was like, 'Man I need your help 'cause you know how to make clothes and I think I know what my generation wants, but it's very difficult if you don't have that production and that experience like what Ralph has. It's really difficult to get those price points, like the Zara and H&M price points, if you don't got the factories." 

On the comparisons between his Kanye West x adidas footwear to Ugg boots: 

"People joke that they look sorta like Uggs. Right? But what's so bugged out is that I'm really working on trying to make a sexier Ugg."

On what he wants to do with fashion: 

"Those materials are all a game that the factories play, too. If silk is in style, silk is more expensive from the factories. You can get everything for a better price. It's all in how you negotiate with the factories. My end goal 10 years from now would be to have everything at a Zara level."


"When I first came up with the idea of DONDA, and I was tweeting out all these ideas—airplane design, this design, this design. Of course me and Kim, we can take private, but we wanna be in the airport. We wanna be next to the people. I get inspiration when I see what people are wearing."

On Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine cover:

"One of the things of breaking class is... respecting art can break class. So one of the things that shut up a lot of people is the fact that Jean-Paul Goude took the photograph, that used to shoot Grace Jones. And Grace Jones' physique was as new and different as Kim's physique was. And our position of power, we not gonna accept the physique that was given to us, that was told to us was the proper way to look. My daughter has the chance of being in shape like my wife, so between this age and the age she's like that, I'm going to be fighting."

On being a designer:

"I don't even want to give myself any form of a title anymore. I'm not calling myself a genius, a visionary. The only thing I can say is that I'm a servant. I want to serve, and if I can get a group of amazing designers together to create something to be able to serve the public then that's my job. I'm just a humble servant."

On needing the help of people from the fashion industry: 

"I needed the help. One of my designers worked at Margiela for a while, the girl that worked on the shoes worked at Céline. I've been pulling that talent from a place that was only the $4,000 jacket lines to a place that we gonna be delivering shoes that are $200, $100, we might some shoes down to $60. We 'bout to flip this whole thing on its head. It's a new idea of apparel, and they got information, and I had to ask them, I had to be humble, I had to beg to go to dinners, and I had to explain to them 'Why should we work with you, 'Ye? How do we know you just not another celebrity that's going to wear a leather jacket and diss us in public?' It's been a long journey and now we've gained some ground and I can give dope shit to the people. But these people are knowledgeable, man, and they went to the Yale of fashion. 

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