Jaden Smith Hops on the Young Thug Give-a-F*ck-About-Your-Gender-Norms Bandwagon

The young actor/musician is always one to take a style risk.

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Jaden Smith clearly DGAF. The musician/actor, who's been known to take style risks and wear whatever he feels like (he wore a Batman costume to the Kimye wedding), has said via social media that he's taken a liking to shopping for women's clothing. 

Three days ago, he posted a photo of himself on Instagram in a gym or athletic facility of some sort, with the caption, "Went To TopShop To Buy Some Girl Clothes, I Mean 'Clothes.

Just yesterday, he tweeted this: 

He wore the dress he mentioned in the tweet above while out in California that same day, as the Daily Mail has pointed out

In short: Jaden, like Young Thug, will wear a dress (or skirt) if he feels like it. 

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